The healing time of a tattoo is about two to three weeks. General health and physical condition play a role. During the healing process your tattoo may itch. Personal hygiene during the healing time of the tattoo is absolutely necessary.


Immediately after you got your tattoo it will be covered with a sterile transparent adhesive film. If the tattoo wound with greasy ointment and a sterile plastic wrap is covered, you can remove the foil after a few hours and treat as described below.

Touch the tattoo as little as possible.

Wash the tattooed area twice a day with mild non-perfumed soap until the tattoo is fully healed.

Dab the tattoo after washing with a clean towel or tissue dry.

Do not apply wound disinfectants such as Sterilon or Betadine on the tattoo.
Lubricate the tattoo if desired (with clean washed hands) with Bepanthen. It is available at the parlour.

Do not wear bandages over the tattoo.

Do not wear tight, woolen or dirty clothes on the tattoo.

Avoid bathing water (chlorine pools, hot tubs, natural ponds).

Do not use saunas or steam rooms.

Do not let the tattooed area be exposed to sun or sunbed (even with sunscreen).
After healing time always use a high protection on your tattoo while sunbathing.


If in extreme redness, swelling, bleeding, pussen, exudate, change in color of the wound or pain, always consult your physician. 

For more information see the website of the local health service.


Service of the house

As an additional service the parlour offers you a free touch up.

This can be done within 2 months after you got your tattoo. Our tattoo artist will be happy to help you get your tattoo even better to come out.

BEN DE BOEF TATTOOS is a fully licensed tattoo shop.